What Patients Say

I’ve had chronic back pain for many of years, with the symptoms getting progressively worse in the last 4 years. As an active sportsman, I tried every possible treatment under the sun. Both traditional and complementary. Neither worked.

After hearing about anti biotic treatment I decided to give this a go. Having completed treatment over 5 months ago I can safely say that my back pain has improved by 90 per cent. I rarely feel back pain now and when I do the pain seems to disappear very quickly. Moreover, in the rare chance that I do get back pain I have found that the quality of pain is completely different. A more muscular pain against a deep bone type of pain.

Feeling a lot more upbeat since taking the anti biotic treatment, I can’t thank Dr Alan Jordan, and his team enough for their endeavours into helping people like me.

46 year old male, London

Suffered from 3 slipped discs in 2004 after slow recovery was diagnosed with lower spine spondylosis. Suffered back spasms that lasted for days on end and dull nagging ache that lasted for many hours every day.

Antibiotics helped almost immediately.

Nine months later and no more back spasms and back only aches very occasionally and ache disappears very quickly when it does occur. I am over the moon with the results. Chiropractic helped a little in the past but just not needed now.

Finding out about this antibiotic treatment has dramatically improved my enjoyment of life.

60 year old male, London